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For questions about data related to the branch of science concerned with the properties of the earth's water, and especially its movement in relation to land.

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Does anyone have good data on the evolution of the Persian Gulf from Sumerian to Modern Times?

So far I can't find good data on the evolution of the Persian Gulf silting up, only what it was in 6000 BP, and how it is now without anything in between. Is there any dataset (preferably vector) you ...
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Hydrology for Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia

I am looking for Basins (or Catchments Watersheds) with basic hydraulic parameters such as the upstream downstream relation for the Tonle Sap lake region in Cambodia. I typically use WWF's HydroBasin ...
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Kinneret water levels

I am looking for daily data for the water level of Kinneret over the years (ideally 20+ years). Is there such thing?
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Public Domain Watershed Data for Central and South America

I'm working on a project that will be in the public domain/ creative commons. I would like to find watershed/drainage basin data for Central and South America. WWF provides HydroSHEDS, which covers ...
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