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Git is source code and data version control. GitHub is a hosting service for software development projects that use.

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Workflow for data version control using git in a team

What would be the basic workflow to use version control via git and GitHub for the initialization and updating of a data set in a team? What are pitfalls? More specifically, if I want to create a ...
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is there source code on github with a neural network that animates photos, making photos moving pictures like in a video

is there source code on github with a neural network that animates photos, making photos moving pictures like in a video? For example somithing similar on Deep Nostalgia (
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What is the next step in the decentralization of education about data analytics?

Recently, ArXiv partnered with Github to host links to repos implementing theory contained in papers (possibly eliminating the need for universities and formal education). What is the next step in ...
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Workflow to backup SPARQL Endpoint to Git repository?

We want to provide version control to a small sized Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint but the workflow we use is quite cumbersome and always generates huge diffs for blank nodes because they get new IDs every ...
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Can I put open source data on a public github repo?

I am using open-source data for a data sonification project and would like to put the data used for this project onto a public Github repo. Are there any legal issues with doing this? I am assuming ...
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Are version control storing solutions a good option to store Medical Imaging open data?

We are working on several medical imaging projects (i.e., BreastScreening, MIDA, and MIMBCD-UI) that deals with a huge amount of data. From medical images and data at the following modalities: (1) ...
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GIThub to share a set of SPARQL queries

I am using github to share a set of SPARQL queries: Currently the simple work allows end-users to access queries stored ...
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How do I download a Socrata graph or map definition I have created?

When I create a custom view, a map, chart, graph or report, and save it, the definition of that view is stored somewhere on Socrata. How is the definition stored? Is it a schema? How can I download ...
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GitHub license for code written by US Government Employee

When I open a new project on Github, I see a selection of licenses in a drop-down list, which currently looks like this: None Apache v2 License MIT license Affero GPL Artistic License 2.0 BSD (3-...
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What is the governance of the US Government's Project Open Data?

The US Government just launched Project Open Data on GitHub, which includes best practices, free tools to accelerate adoption of open data practices, and common core metadata for the federal ...
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