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For questions about data related to the European country of Germany.

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1945 (spring) daily weather Germany

Perhaps understandably, I am having difficulty tracking down daily weather data for Germany in early 1945. My specific interest is in daily temps and any other daily weather observations for January ...
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Data on road traffic in Germany [duplicate]

I'm looking for road traffic data (e.g. average road traffic by day) or congestion data for German cities or other spatial units (e.g. a certain road or highway). What would be important to me is, ...
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Is there a free downloadable administrative division database of Germany?

Is there downloadable and freely available database with administrative units of Germany (lands, cities, and if available, streets with zip codes)? In many countries such databases are provided ...
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Open company data for Germany?

OpenCorporates doesn't have data for German companies (yet?). Is there a source with open data for German companies?
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traffic statistics by roads or parts of any German city

I'm looking for any traffic statistics by roads or parts of any German cities. I would like to use it for a QGIS-Workshop with students of Infrastructure-Science. Add: I found something at DeStatis: ...
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German municipality-level data (Gemeinde) on demographics

I'm trying to find comprehensive Gemeinde-level data for small (<10'000 inh.) municipalities in all of Germany. The (joint-)distribution or at least some summary shares of the following ...
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Seeking Geodata on German Roads

I am looking for a free datasource (or a possibility to extract that data from OpenStreetMap) on Germany`s roads. I need this data for the purpose of routing/ calculating the travel distance between ...
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Looking for 0.25x0.25 spatial resolution grid data for land surface temperature/precipitation

I used to work with UDEL grid estimate (look here) data where station values of monthly total raingage-measured precipitation (P) were interpolated to a 0.5 degree by 0.5 degree latitude/longitude ...
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List of German local politicians

I am looking for a dataset/list of all mayors of German municipalities. In particular I am interested in smaller municipalities (<10'000 inhabitants). I care most about the following data Age ...
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Microdata from the German Census

I am looking for open German census data at the micro or census block level. I am particularly interested in economic/health/educational outcomes. However, I cannot find any in English. Is this open ...
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Dataset for German domain names (.de)

I'm looking for a new DNS domain in Germany (.de) for a new service. It would be very helpful to search .de domains using wildcards (regular expressions), e.g. mysuperservice[0-9] mysuper-[a-z]+-...
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