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A GIS operation for converting street addresses into spatial data that can be displayed as features on a map, usually by referencing address information from a street segment data layer.

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Looking for Open Data Source to Correlate Address to Latitude/Longitude (geocoding)

Are there any open data sources that can help correlate a given address to a latitude/longitude coordinate? aka geocoding
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2 answers

Is there a tool to match zip codes to cities?

I have a data set with zipcodes and would like to do a bulk upload to a tool that will give me the cities each zip is in (US only.)
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11 votes
4 answers

IP Geocoding Data Sources and/or APIs

I am looking for IP address to geocoding data sources and/or APIs. Open to any formats, and the main concern is the quality, depth, and freshness of the data.
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6 answers

Mapping counties to zip codes

Is there any freely available data that relates USA zip codes and USA counties (FIPS County codes)? Since counties can contain multiple zip codes, one can have multiple entries, in such a table: ...
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2 answers

Business Name to NAICS Code Mapping

I am looking for a way to map business name + address to NAICS code. Found few government sites like follows:
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augment/enrich latitude longitude data

I am looking for ways to augment/enrich latitude longitude data, to obtain for example information like this (for the EU/Europe and the UK): rural/urban area distance to lake/sea distance to nearest ...
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