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Extracting refers to the action of obtaining source data from an originating source, such as a website, file archive, database or other source repository.

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Extract chemical names from biomedicine publications

I'm looking to build an undirected network of chemicals extracted from biomedicine papers, specifically from MEDLINE. In this network, the nodes would be chemicals and the links would determine ...
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Reputable source to get foot traffic in Australia based on different locations

I am interested in hourly foot traffic in Australia based on various locations. Let's say I choose a certain restaurant's location in Melbourne and set a 1km radius to measure the traffic hourly. Is ...
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90ies Windows .exe database on CD: Extract underlying data

I would like to extract data from a register stored on a CD from the 90ies. The Windows executable on the CD allows one to browse the database with keywords and by specific variables. However, there ...
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Cyber Monday Traffic Data

Are there any sites/tools that provide data on how much traffic a site is currently encountering? I'm particularly curious to see how much traffic increases on sites like with regard to "...
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Google Trends weekly data

I have an issue regarding google trends: I have noticed that recently something has changed. I used to be able to get all my weekly-based data, no matter the time period I was interested in. A couple ...
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Scientometric/bibliometric data retrieval from a list of DOI

I am a conducting bibliometric analysis on small/midsize sets of academic papers (40-400), in a longitudinal study (repeated over time on the same dataset). I am interest in retrieving data for each ...
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How do I get just city-level data on

I want to get all the datasets with this icon next to them - how do I go about doing this ?
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Extracting variables from unstructured Excel files [closed]

I have hundreds of Excel files (databases) from which I want to extract a subset of variables. The data are not systematically in the same cell (e.g. G4) and also don't always start on the same row. ...
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Scraping columns from a PDF

We are trying to capture rows from PDF tables & output them as lines of JSON - can anyone suggest a good technique for separating columns? Ideally using the tools linked below. Specifically this ...
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Monthly data in Google Trends

After searching for a word in google trends I can only get access to weekly data .csv files. How can I easily get access to monthly data ? I feel like I just missed a button or something. I've found ...
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Looking for web scraper that works on YouTube channel video catalogs

I'm trying to find a web scraper that will help me get detailed data from several YouTube channels I'm interested in researching. I've tried the trial version of Easy Web Extractor, but the processed ...
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Parsing Curriculum Vitaes

I am wondering whether any of you could help me to find a tool that could help me to parse and extract data out of Curriculum Vitaes? I know that Sovren is a very good application but I can’t help ...
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Where can one find developers interested in a PDF data extraction hackathon?

I'm helping with a sponsored online hackathon for liberating tabular data out of PDF files. Where would be the best places to find developers interested in participating?
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What is the best way to get airline schedule data from pdf files

We need to regularly check for changes to airline schedule data from Low Cost Carriers. Their schedules are available as pdf files, and as far as we can find out, no other way that is freely available....
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Wikipedia table to JSON (or other machine-readable format)

I'm interested in the data listed in the tables listed here. Is there a good way to extract the information (as JSON, preferably) without resorting to HTML parsing?
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Extracting tables from multiple PDFs

What's the best practice of extracting tables from a large number of PDF, which may be formatted differently? For example, I have a series of PDFs like this one, and I would like to extract the ...
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What server and technologies can I use to extract data out of Wikipedia's infoboxes (e.g., ATC code for drugs)

Wikipedia is a significant source of data. Data from Wikipedia may be available in various formats via other servers (e.g., SPARQL end point). For a task of extracting all pairs of "ATC code" - "...
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