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For questions about data related to a software program created by Microsoft that uses spreadsheets to organize numbers and data with formulas and functions.

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Point in polygon analysis in excel

In excel, I have one table where each row corresponds to a geospatial point, with exact x and y coordinates. Total number of rows is over 200,000, for example: In a separate table, I have a list of ...
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How to get data from pandora papers

From pandora papers we know that who are in that list. But how do i get pdf, excel sheets, images etc. types data,to use as evidence, from pandora papers for a person in that list ?
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R or Excel: Calculate difference between dates

I have a list of course completion dates (person, start, end) in the following format (exemplary): Person X || Sept 21, 2021 06:30 PM || Sept 21, 2021 06:50 PM Now I'd like to calculate the overall ...
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How to look up the Census Block Code of an address?

I am trying to divide up a pool of addresses currently in Microsoft Excel according to the Census Block Code. Would anyone tell me where can I access data like that? Any instructions? Moreover, is it ...
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Database with multiple values for the same ID

I have a database where each entity has a unique ID, but recently all of the entity names were changed (not in the same way) to improve readability. This has made a lot of the summary reports look ...
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wikidata extract

I have a list of wikidata entity IDs (i.e. Tour Eiffel Q243, Big Ben Q41225...), and a list of properties (i.e. coordinates P625, country P18 ...). Is there any way to gather and extract in Excel (or ...
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Extracting variables from unstructured Excel files [closed]

I have hundreds of Excel files (databases) from which I want to extract a subset of variables. The data are not systematically in the same cell (e.g. G4) and also don't always start on the same row. ...
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Finding tables in messy structured Excel / csv file to import them in DB

we have a lot of messy structured excel files containing tables somewhere on a sheet and we want to import these tables into a database to do some analytic on it. There problem is that we don't have ...
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Australia Hotel/Motel Data

I am wondering if there is anyone here that either has 2013-2015 list of hotels in Australia with contact phone numbers and if it had emails that would be a bonus. I am currently putting an excel ...
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Getting more than 100 records from OpenFDA in MS Excel [duplicate]

I have a query that appears to identify 975 items per the meta information. I used the limit (100) & skip (25) parameters to get the result. However, if I try to use that same query in Excel (...
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