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For questions related to the usage and characteristics of the English language, or requests for data that must be in the English language.

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List of English words phonetics

The list actually doesn't have to be free! I just need something that I can buy once or whatever. And if possible, but not needed, parts of speech. Before you say anything, I have googled for this ...
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Word list with learning age

I'm looking for word databases, mainly in English and Swedish, which contain lists of words associated with the ages where they are typically learned. WordNet linkage is a big bonus.
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16 votes
4 answers

Database of English words pronunciation

Is there any downloadable open database of English words pronunciation in audio format?
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12 votes
2 answers

Database of English words difficulty

Data request I am looking for a database that describes the "difficulty" of each English word. Difficulty of a word is not easy to define, but it is probably a mix of: Level of study needed to ...
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Corpus of tagged text (English newspapers or any tagged text)

I'm developing a system to extract tags from text (English) and currently I have no dataset to test the system and evaluate, could someone point me to a source (preferably a free one) thanks. NOTE: By ...
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Free English Dictionary

Looking for a free monolingual english dictionary like oxford or longman dictionary, but which I can freely use, without violating any intellectual property. I want to use it in my iOS app. I need ...
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American English SMS Text Message Corpora

I'm seeking corpora of American English SMS (<=160 characters) text messages. What corpora are available?
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2 answers

Looking for audio data set for English words

I am trying to obtain an audio data set for a list of English words. The list doesn't have to be extensive (for example, the data set can only have four or five words), but each word should have more ...
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Where can I get a complete word and phrase list for English?

I am looking for a complete set of all possible English words and phrases (i.e. 'fire', 'fire up', 'fire ant', 'under fire'). Actually, I need it for parsing online dictionary. The best thing i found ...
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Novels with chapters annotated POV

I'm looking for one or more novels, that multiple characters points of view. (I don't care if it is 3rd person or 1st person), with each chapter (or paragraph) annotated as to which character's POV ...
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CEFR for English words by level

Are there any open source data for English words by CEFR level? I found , which categorizes English words based on CEFR level, ...
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