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Economics is a social science concerned with the factors that determine the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

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Where to get IMDb datasets

IMDb offers a great deal of useful structured information for research. There're multiple ways to get small pieces of its database: Download a subset of data from Use ...
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Cost of living dataset

I'm trying to compare what the equivalent salary would be between two cities based upon the cost of living in each city. I want to be able to build something like CNN's cost of living calculator. ...
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Is the data used to calculate national CPI public?

What data is used to calculate the CPI (Consumer Price Index) and if it is open, where can I find it?
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IRS Statistics of Income, machine-readable

Does anyone know of anyone else who has compiled a machine-readable set of the IRS's SOI Tax Stats - Historical Table 2, i.e., these? The .xls files available from the IRS are crosstabbed and ...
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Source of CIA World Factbook estimates

Does anyone know if the CIA World Factbook (WF) country estimates are the CIA's own or whether they come from the World Bank (WB) or other sources? As of today (2015-05-20), CIA WF's page on, for ...
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What are good examples of how open data is driving community development?

I am looking for examples of how open data is helping to drive community development, with a focus on the United States. We are seeking examples across a broad range of community development domains,...
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How can I find state-level data on the unemployment rate of youth for 2014 and 2015?

I have found state-level, monthly unemployment data for 2014/2015, and I have found national monthly youth unemployment data for 2014/2015. However, I need all four together; State-level, monthly ...
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News Article Data

I'm looking to find historical news articles (Politics/ Economics especially, eg. CNN, Bloomberg) from the past several years. The articles would need to have time stamps and be downloadable as an ...
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