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For questions about data related to the amount or equivalent paid or charged for something.

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Books and Supplies

"Books and Supplies" is a component of the Estimated Cost of Attendance. I would like to get only the "Books and Supplies" data for a given institution from the "College Scorecard" data.
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2 votes
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European roads toll cost

I'm looking for a dataset or an API that provides information about toll costs of european roads. Something similar to ViaMichelin, that is what we are using now, but preferably free of charge. Does ...
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Trend on 3D Printer Filament Costs?

Some have suggested that filament costs are asymptotically approaching a baseline cost - others that costs are linearly decreasing. Does anyone know where to find the trending costs on a single ...
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Looking for average economic impact of all Farmlands per acre in Florida or U.S

I am researching on road alignment optimization. The research goal is to find least cost road alignment between two given points, considering highway codes. One of major factors which I want to ...
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