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Questions related to the US goverment 'College Scorecard', a tool to compare cost and value of higher education institutions.

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How is the Students Paying Down Debt field calculated in the College Scorecard website?

How is the Students Paying Down Debt field calculated in the College Scorecard website? I don't see a field in the data dictionary that precisely corresponds to it, nor even a set of fields that could....
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In the College Scorecard Data Directory--what is N=30

In the directory file, for all the loan and debt numbers it says "suppressed for n=30". What is "n"?
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Sector Variable?

I am searching through the data files and dictionary using a variety of keywords (sector, public, etc.) and can't seem to find the Sector variable from IPEDS. Control is there, as are a few clues to ...
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Why the 8-digit UnitID

In the raw data released with the Scorecard, some institutions have an 8 digit unitid (the one tied to IPEDS not the OPE IDs). Can someone explain why this is? I can see they tend to be branch ...
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Incorrect Information on College Scorecard

I am the Marketing Communications Director at a college listed on your website, and much of the information is incorrect (enrollment, academic programs, and costs are listed as including room and ...
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Question regarding earnings by major

I wasn't able to find earnings by major. Do those data exist in the database? If not, have you considered collecting them?
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College not showing on College Scorecard [duplicate]

The college I am IR director for does not show on the College Scorecard web site. It does not show by zip code, state or name search. Data do show for the college in the raw data file. An answer to a ...
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Missing schools on college scorecard

Does anybody know why are some schools not showing up on the College Scorecard ( recently released by the Obama administration? For example, why isn't Gateway Community ...
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What is the profile of gradutes from University of Louisville, College of Arts and Sciences and Dept of Biology?

I have looked at the following webpage: College Scorecard and obtained some University-wide data, but am looking for program-...
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College Scorecard full data base

The Obama administration recently release College Scorecard Data with detailed information on college cost and earning after graduation. Does anybody know if the full data set is available for ...
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