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A business is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both, with consumers.

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2 answers

Transactional data over multiple years (Customer ID, Date, Price)

To build models to predict customer behavior, I am searching for transactional data over multiple years (i.e. > 3 years). My focus is to assess the quality of long-term predictions, thus the longer ...
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3 answers

A dataset of resumes

This is a question I found on /r/datasets. Does OpenData have any answers to add? I'm looking for a large collection or resumes and preferably knowing whether they are employed or not. Does such a ...
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Looking for database of US companies

Crunchbase looks most promising but they seem to be payware. Are there any free datasets of companies (established business & startups) to do some data science analysis? Ideally, the data should ...
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Free database or API of all North American businesses

I'm looking for a free/open source downloadable database/API of all the businesses in North America. The sort of data that I'm looking for includes: name, address, industry, email address, website, ......
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13 votes
2 answers

Clickstream sample dataset

I am looking for some web traffic or clickstream dataset, ideally from an ecommerce website. I like to do some analysis on purchasing pattern if possible. For example: visit duration, conversion, ...
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Job satisfaction data

Are there any datasets available freely online without restrictions that include individual level responses to questions about job satisfaction? Ideally, I'd be interested in a datafile that included ...
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9 votes
4 answers

What is the best source for finding what businesses have opened/exist/closed in a given geographical area?

Is there a a standard source for finding out what businesses (with brick and mortar locations) exist in a geographical area (particularly in the U.S.)? This doesn't necessarily have to be a ...
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6 answers

Open Address Data for Restaurants

I am looking for any open data set that maintains restaurants (or places in general) with their address. If a place closes I am hoping this database will reflect that quickly.
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5 votes
4 answers

Data on business locations [closed]

I am working on an app for the iPhone right now. It involves using location data of local businesses. I was wondering if it would be better to either create a web crawler or buy the data from ...
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Business Name to NAICS Code Mapping

I am looking for a way to map business name + address to NAICS code. Found few government sites like follows:
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Seeking global list of registered businesses

Is there a list somewhere of all registered businesses (both big and small globally) which is free? I have a list of orders from a list of companies with addresses and i wish to attempt to match the ...
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