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BitTorrent is a protocol supporting the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet.

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Torrent for Wikidata dump

I'm looking for Wikipedia (enwiki-latest-pages-articles-multistream.xml.bz2) and a Wikidata (latest-all.json.bz2 ) dumps. The files are quite large (the latter has ~47GB) and my internet connection ...
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Sharing Genomic data/docker files via P2P network

Genomic data size has reached volumes to the point, some NCBI has stopped taking certain types of data from Investigators. Other openData projects are also running into barriers.. I know there are ...
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Bittorrent usage for distributing open science-data?

Writing a grant proposal. - I am looking for information about the usage of the bittorrent protocol for open science data. Does anyone know of a recent paper, blog post or study? Specifically I am ...
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Is it possible to find a torrent that is not linked to from a site?

And I mean besides people explicitly choosing to share a .torrent file with each other. Here's why I'm asking. I created a torrent using videos that I downloaded from a website. As far as I know it ...
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Data about Bittorrent usage

I'm looking for a robust data set about movies on Bittorrent. I'd like to understand the popularity of individual titles as measured by the number of users who have a particular title available for ...
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What are some OpenData torrents to seed?

BitTorrent can be an efficient way to "host" a large data set that are static. Also, BitTorrent is a good mechanism distribute a large data set as part of a open data project without funding or ...
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Recommended BitTorrent tracker/index for dataset release?

I have a large dataset which I plan to release to the public (around 80GB compressed, 1TB uncompressed), and after considering my options it appears that using the BitTorrent protocol would be the ...
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What are the practical limits of releasing open data via bit torrent?

I know that there are political issues (my place of work bans all peer-to-peer software without an explicit waiver), but how well does bit torrent scale for distributing large data collections where ...
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