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Best-practice questions generally involve a short guide or tutorial related to an outstanding example of the use or implementation of Open Data principles or practices.

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4 answers

Displaying Trust and Data Provenance?

What would be the most useful way to display data provenance on an open data site? Overarching statements on the site seem to be limited in that amongst many datasets, at least some will likely have ...
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Are there best practices about data lifecycle management involving citizens?

Different data portals from different countries treat feedback about datasets (i.e., errors, annotations, comments) differently, but none seems to consider feedback towards the citizens. Are there ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are there best practices that government API producers should follow more so than non-government API producers?

Clearly, government agencies should default to observing the broader trends of API producers but are there particular best practices that a government API should follow? (Disclaimer - I am the Sr. ...
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What are the most useful formats in which to release geospatial data?

In the past, I have released data as zipped Shapefiles (for the professional GIS crowd) and KML/KMZ (viewable by anyone using Google Earth). Are there other formats that would be especially helpful?
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Releasing old historical/genealogical datasets as open data

I work with a a couple of small non-profit genealogical and historical groups and we are interested in releasing some of the datasets we've compiled over the years as open data. This information is ...
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29 votes
12 answers

Metadata standards and best practices for data dictionaries for CSV files/data

We publish most of our machine-readable open data in CSV format. What are best practices and/or standards to publish data dictionaries (e.g. definitions of columns in CSV files including human-...
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26 votes
7 answers

Extracting tables from multiple PDFs

What's the best practice of extracting tables from a large number of PDF, which may be formatted differently? For example, I have a series of PDFs like this one, and I would like to extract the ...
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