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For questions related to barcodes, including UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (International Article Number), and ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

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Search for brands by barcode

Is there a database or tool to find all brands/goods that have a specific country code on their barcode?
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Simple FDA question

I'm trying to request data on UDI... Is the field the UDI? Each time I input my own UDI, ...
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How can we get EAN 13 barcode information of products?

I want to get data for barcode, from EAN. In my case, it's mostly about Funko Pop. Few example code with "Good Answer" as link: 889698466844, 889698327169, 889698471947, 889698247016, ...
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Store-specific barcodes?

Currently we have a solution that uses both EAN and GS1 barcodes, but there is a need for a small business to have barcodes for local products or other products that don't have barcodes. These ...
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Can you look up the producer/manufacturer that owns a certain "family" of EAN barcode?

I have a barcode, (9)8430709157279, that I have tried to find in several online resources that collects EAN codes but so far without luck (the product is at least 20 years old so it is no surprise). ...
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OutPan Question

I have managed to build a VB.Net app to look up UPC/EAN codes on OutPan, but cannot get it to accept my attempts to add new items. My url is ...
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Free UPC database? [duplicate]

I'm working with a food bank/soup kitchen and I'd like to be able to scan in donated food cans, packages, and other items. A short trip around the Google block seemed to offer UPC data of two sorts: ...
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Is there a source for OTC Vitamin ingredients?

The FDA site doesn't have much on Over The Counter (OTC) vitamin ingredients/strengths. I know there are a few sources out there that charge quite a bit. I'm trying to match UPCs with their ...
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Available QR Code Prefixes

A customer asked me to make a QR code to hold an ean-13 barcode's data but it seems they don't want to change there hardware/software that their staff use. The customer asked: Good Morning, and '...
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Linking Outpan's PHP API with Android [closed]

I have successfully integrated Zxing's Bar-code Scanning Library with my android app. So, now I am able to get bar-code data of any product. Now, the problem that has arised is I need to link Outpan'...
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How can I download the Product Open Data database?

I am wanting to find a worldwide open nutritional database. I know there have been questions about this before and the answers all refer to USDA's Agricultural Research Service and OKFN's Open ...
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Database telling whether a product is recyclable or not, by barcode

I'm attempting to create an app that uses barcodes of items to decide whether they are recyclable or not. I am already able to go from the barcode to the item, but I am unable to find any database or ...
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Product barcode database for Singapore

I am looking for database which has only Singapore items in it, any open source? I have tried, but to no avail.
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UK supermarket product nutrition

Are there sources of nutritional data about UK supermarket products, by barcode? The indexing by barcode does not need to be direct: if I have to implement a join with some other data to achieve that,...
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Is there a global database of all products with EAN 13 barcodes?

EAN 13 is an international system. Is there an API or database that contains all items that have these barcodes? Like all food, goods you can buy in a regular convenience store. Is there a global open ...
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Is there a list, database or API that contains the all the product information in India

I'm looking for a database for accessing the product information which are available in India. The list of UPC's and ISBN's or all the information of a product.
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Open API for nutritional information and/or food barcodes?

I've seen many applications (mobile and web) that use a database of nutritional information and barcodes to track daily food consumption. Smartphones have the ability to scan barcodes, and many mobile ...
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What is the most comprehensive resource for querying french and english books having an ISBN code?

I would like to know if a repository of all known ISBN exists; either a worldwide database, or per country. If there is no such downloadable database, among all the available API's for querying ...
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