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For questions about data related to the country Australia.

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Looking for Dataset on Car Reliability for Predictive Modeling

Hello Stack Exchange community, I hope this post finds you well. I am currently working on a project focused on predicting car reliability using machine learning techniques. To achieve this, I am in ...
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Voting data in elections for parliamentary speaker position

I'm looking for data on votes for the position of Speaker in: the House of Representatives (Australia) the House of Representatives (United States of America) the House of Commons (United Kingdom) ...
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Australian construction cost forecasts

The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes a series of Producer Price Indexes (PPI) that include an index for housing construction costs, both for Australia as a whole and for each of the ...
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Queensland Australia Hospital and Health Service Boundaries Covid-19 Database

I'm searching for a database (or spreadsheet) containing the number of Covid-19 cases for every Hospital and Health Service boundaries in Queensland, Australia. That is, the cases in Queensland ...
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Can anyone recommend a comprehensive site to find Building Shapefiles for Sydney and its suburbs?

I am looking for a more comprehensive site for Building Shapefiles for Sydney and its surrounding suburbs which I can upload into QGIS. I have already downloaded the shapefiles from Geofabrik (https://...
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Looking for “old” Parish & County Boundary Data set for Queensland, Australia

The latest datasets from QSpatial no longer contain the Parish & County info. It is no longer used in Queensland. I am doing some research into historical mining activities and this dataset would ...
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Are the Local Government Area wards of New South Wales available in a vector format?

I'm looking for a vector (i.e. GeoPackage, shapefile, Geojson etc etc) format dataset of the wards in New South Wales. These are the electoral districts for the Local Government Areas. An example of ...
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Data on Australian universities

In the United States there's a great deal of information made public on universities, to help potential students, student loan recipients, employers, and whomever else to make informed decisions. Most ...
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Agriculture shapefiles and additional GIS data for Australia

I am searching for agriculture shapefiles and additional GIS data for Australia to save them in a PostGIS database. More specific I need these data for mountains and their paths, climatic zones etc. ...
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Reputable source to get foot traffic in Australia based on different locations

I am interested in hourly foot traffic in Australia based on various locations. Let's say I choose a certain restaurant's location in Melbourne and set a 1km radius to measure the traffic hourly. Is ...
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Seeking Underground Infrastructure Data for Brisbane (Australia)

I am in Brisbane, Australia and am looking for GIS data relating to underground services (such as buried water mains, power lines, gas lines, etc). Where might I find some of this information?
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Australian Vehicle or Car Brands, Models, Styles, and Specs API

I need to show Car Models and Specs on my Website. Similar to search form. Does any one know an API to get these data? There's a lot of US APIs but no Australian APIs at all. There is ...
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Australian post code/area shapefiles

I'm looking for the Shapefile of the Australian Postcodes/area 4-digits. I would prefer an open source if possible.
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Open Land Cover Data for Australia

I'm interested in both low (rough) and high (fine) resolution, open (free) and classified land cover raster data for Australia. Ideally geodata sources; the less thematic classification is better; ...
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Australian Crime Data

Is there a place that I can get Australian crime data? I was hoping to get a database (or at least be able to crawl such a page) where it is in the format of: [date, incident, location]. The closest ...
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Where can i find a Dataset for history of Australian federal politicians

To answer this question I want to find the dataset that contains all ...
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Where to find data on Australian business types and locations?

There are numerous Australian government websites which manage businesses, including: Australian Business Register Australian Securities and Investments Commission ABN lookup ...
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Australia Hotel/Motel Data

I am wondering if there is anyone here that either has 2013-2015 list of hotels in Australia with contact phone numbers and if it had emails that would be a bonus. I am currently putting an excel ...
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Is there a comprehensive list of indigenous Australian taxa?

I'm fitting models of species' distributions and community composition using occurrence data provided by the Atlas of Living Australia (a node of GBIF). Is there a comprehensive list of names of ...
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Why is my scraper returning inconsistent results and timing out?

I've been building a scraper in python (using mechanize) to get a list of banks off of: The scraper is: ...
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Machine-readable way to determine if plant species is native to Australia

I'm doing some work visualising tree inventories and thought it would be nice to show whether the species is native to Australia or not. I haven't so far found any database that would answer the ...
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What product is the Australian government Meteor made using?

METeOR is Australia’s repository for national metadata standards for health, housing and community services statistics and information. - If I want to build a open data ...
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Emu population in Australia from 1900

I am looking for figures of the emu population in Australia over history. Ideally from 1900 or even further, and especially around the time of the Emu War. Even a simple histogram would be enough. ...
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Australia District/County level data needed

I need to test a prototype and I need an all District dataset for Australia. It can be any data from Australia that is for every district.
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Recent high spatial resolution images of the Tasman Sea

I just got this from one of my co-workers ... posting it for her as it's more time critical than normal : My friend Ralph is leading a search and rescue effort for a ship that's been missing on ...
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