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For questions about data related to the Asian continent.

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List of Codified Laws from Around the World in Structured Format?

I am wondering where can one find datasets with all the laws on Earth (or all the laws from every country).
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Older Satellite Images from Saudi Arabia

For Research purposes on "how Sprawl effects Urbans", Is it possible to get a 50 OR 40 years old Image of a certain location ( 26°37'59.59"N, 49°58'3.32"E) in the eastern province ...
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Where can I find wind speed and direction data for Pakistan?

I'm trying to link wind speed and direction to fire events from the NASA website. Does anyone know where I can find such data? Does anyone have any experience doing something like this?
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Open GIS data for SE Asia - Political and Administrative Polygons

I am looking for city and neighboorhood level (and other administrative divisions) data for as many countries in SE Asia as possible. It must be free to access and use. Trusted/official data is ...
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Kazakhstan hydro datasets

I am looking for river and lake data-sets for Kazakhstan region. I have already got data from osm_geofabriks. Are there any other sites which will offer me data-sets?? The format of the data-set can ...
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Dataset about variation in human body weight during the day

I need a dataset that monitors the variation in human body weight at different parts of the day, preferably of Indian/South Asian population. I did an comprehensive research and pulled some relevant ...
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Administrative divisions of Cambodia

Where can I find an official list with hierarchical relationship between various levels of the administrative division in Cambodia?
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Surname - Cast/Ethnicity Mapping for Nepali Names

I'm trying to link family names to ethnicity / casts in the Nepali context. Is anyone aware of a publicly accessible data set that would allow or simplify such a mapping? Example of what the outcome ...
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Deaths per year per Pakistan province? (2010-present)

I've been trying to look for data on the number of community health worker deaths in Pakistan, ideally those who were working with polio vaccinations. In particular, I'm trying to look for the number ...
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Datasets in for taxi/uber in Pakistan with spatio-temporal components

Where can I find datasets for Careem or Uber taxi trips in Pakistan, like e.g. the Taxi & Limousine Commission Trip Record Data in New York, for spatio temporal analysis?
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Database/-set containing information about rice yield and growth duration

I am looking for a database or -set that contains information about rice seed varieties in Asia. Ideally such a dataset would contain the following keys: growth duration mean yield rice variety ...
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Where can I find GIS sub-division boundary data of Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan?

Where is it possible to find GIS shapefile data of the second-level admin boundaries of particularly Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan, as well as a number of other countries/territories? Neither of the ...
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Data on the number of cats and dogs kept as pets in Asia and Africa

I am looking for data regarding dogs and cats kept as pets in Africa and Asia.
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Historical land cover (land use) in Central Asia

I would be curious to know if there is GIS data of the historical land cover (land use) in Central Asia? It has to be finer grained than half a (spatial) degree like the DAAC dataset to be useful for ...
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Freely available geospatial data for the capital cities in Southeast Asia

I'm currently looking for the transport (mainly public transport - route lines and stop locations) and urban (public amenities, population density etc) geospatial-data on the capital cities in ...
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Literacy rates of Asian countries

What are the literacy rates of Asian countries (Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, China, Nepal) for last five censuses?
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Demographic data for asian countries

I am trying to do some research and I need to work with Demographic data for asian countries. Where can I find such dataset/API. What are the limits to use each data in research ?
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Where can I find open listings of zipcodes in Indonesia?

In reviewing the data from geonames, I discovered in my spot check that Indonesia is missing. A bit of time with Google revealed a few places where I could buy data sets but nothing open. Anywhere ...
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