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Where can I find recorded mathematics lectures in Chinese?

I'm learning Chinese, and in particular I'm interested in studying university-level mathematics in Chinese. I study Chinese while making YouTube videos; the existence of a (largely imaginary) ...
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Has any recent academic research been done on the comparative performance of FOIA response speeds by different European governments?

Recently, I took part in a large, international investigative journalistic project on dumps of oily waste water by ships. In that context, I did a FOIA request to the Dutch government. Whereas the ...
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Can we identify that an academic dataset was used for commercial purpose

There are many datasets released on the internet. Authors of many of these datasets state that the datasets are strictly for academic usage and not for commercial purposes. Although some datasets are ...
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What is the next step in the decentralization of education about data analytics?

Recently, ArXiv partnered with Github to host links to repos implementing theory contained in papers (possibly eliminating the need for universities and formal education). What is the next step in ...
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Can I aggregate and reformat publicly available data for teaching?

I work and teach in a field where public data is scarce (anatomical MRI processing). I planned to organize a few practical works for students this semester. I had a pretty hard time gathering publicly ...
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Is there any kind of database that saves citations together with the text that they are attached to?

Let's say I have a paper A that cites a paper B. Two explicit citation in paper A might look like this: Recently it has been shown that electrons exists [reference to paper B]. and Electrons ...
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Data on amount of students per university (and subject) in Germany

Is there open data on the amount of students per university (and subject) in Germany? I found some data on "Hochschulen" which seems quite outdated:
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Is there an open database of middle, and high schools outside of the United States (international)?

For a project I am looking for a database of middle and high schools outside of the United States.. something similar to that of NCES or CCD. We need a list of these and an unique identifier such as ...
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Is it fair use to use figures from ArXiv preprints on Wikipedia?

Apologies if this isn't the right exchange. I'm not sure where this question should live. There are some science figures from Arxiv papers that I think would greatly enhance a Wikipedia page on the ...
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Journal Acceptance/Rejection dataset with timeline

I am looking for a dataset to answer this Academia Stackexchange question: Are rejections usually quick? I know some conferences/journals in field have been collecting datasets on the review process,...
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What are open source projects for setting up an academic pre-print archive?

The only one I know of so far is OSF pre-prints:
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