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Free UPC database? [duplicate]

I'm working with a food bank/soup kitchen and I'd like to be able to scan in donated food cans, packages, and other items. A short trip around the Google block seemed to offer UPC data of two sorts: ...
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offline bar code databases [duplicate]

I'am building an application that reads the bar code and give you information based on the bar code is there free database i can download and use it offline if not what are the available ...
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Let's suppose I have potentially interesting data. How to distribute?

This is a very simple question: Suppose that I have some sort of specialized data, perhaps that I've collected myself or been a part of the collection. And suppose that nothing prevents me from ...
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Product catalog datasets

I'd love to get a large product catalog dataset, preferably with pictures. Doesn't really matter what kind of products, so long as it's reasonably clean, the products have some attributes (length, ...
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What is the status of OKFN's Open Product Data project?

Open Product Data (also known as Product Open Data) is a project run by OKFN. Its main goal is to build a public database of product data. There are already several questions and answers related to ...
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Open Product Data sources and importing into SQL

I'm trying to import the .sql file from Open Product Data, the POD Database Dump. The site recommends to use BigDump, but when I try to run the php script from BigDump in my localhost, I'm getting ...
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How can we get EAN 13 barcode information of products?

I want to get data for barcode, from EAN. In my case, it's mostly about Funko Pop. Few example code with "Good Answer" as link: 889698466844, 889698327169, 889698471947, 889698247016, ...
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Clothing Dataset

I just want to play with a clothing related dataset. I didn't find any free one. I see that a company called Semantics3 offers something related to that for a certain price. The database I'm looking ...
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Is there a database that provides metadata for products with barcodes?

I am looking for a database (free or paid, but I prefer a free one for now), that contains metadata of products such as cell phones, tv's, etc.
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Product barcode database for Singapore

I am looking for database which has only Singapore items in it, any open source? I have tried, but to no avail.
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Names of popular products found in retail stores

Where can I get names of physical products found in retail stores, like: "Coca-Cola Zero", "LEVIS 501 ORIGINAL FIT JEANS", etc... I know there are a lot of products in the world, so it can be ...
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Is there any open data-set for products per brand (with description)?

I am looking for a dataset/API where I can query a product brand and it can give all the products of that brand along with their description.
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APIs / Services that can link product names to their UPC/SKU codes

I have an ever growing database of products that users on my site are entering themselves. The input form for users to submit their products (as part of a troubleshooter forum) is very quick to ...
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How to collect open data from certain branches?

When someone wants to build a database of for example all the groceries in the world or all the pharmacies in the world, how can you get this data. Of course, someone would offer a database for a lot ...
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