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Bulk download Sci-Hub papers

I wonder whether it is possible to bulk download all papers stored in Sci-Hub. I am aware of the questions: Is there a more user-friendly way to download multiple articles from arXiv? Bulk download ...
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Dataset of domain names

There are many web resources to find domain names (, and using the WHOIS protocol there are some APIs. Some examples are the unix command line tool jwhois and the python library pywhois. ...
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What are the practical limits of releasing open data via bit torrent?

I know that there are political issues (my place of work bans all peer-to-peer software without an explicit waiver), but how well does bit torrent scale for distributing large data collections where ...
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Dump of WikiLeaks

Does a dump or scrape of WikiLeaks exist? I'm thinking of an equivalent to Wikipedia's database download: So far, I haven't found direct ...
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Data with trips

Any idea if there`s any source from where I can get publicly available data of trip details?
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Recommended BitTorrent tracker/index for dataset release?

I have a large dataset which I plan to release to the public (around 80GB compressed, 1TB uncompressed), and after considering my options it appears that using the BitTorrent protocol would be the ...
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Places to get large (volume wise) datasets reasonably well formatted and free to share?

I've been struggling with this problem for almost 2 hours now :( I need some datasets that are somewhere around 50 - 5000 GB large when uncompressed to showcase and test various data storage and ...
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Open Data about the internet

Does anyone know where one can find (if any is available) open data about the internet, and generally any data about tier1 infrastructure, i.e internet backbone nodes with capacity, coordinates Also ...
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Bittorrent usage for distributing open science-data?

Writing a grant proposal. - I am looking for information about the usage of the bittorrent protocol for open science data. Does anyone know of a recent paper, blog post or study? Specifically I am ...
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Find a home for (old) video datasets

While looking for some older sets like PETS2006, which seems to be no longer available, i wondered if there might be already a place for them to be shared forever. If there is none, i would encourage ...
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