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Database with monthly climate/weather data by country

I am searching for an online database for climate data (especially temperature) for non-European countries on a monthly basis. 1990-2014 would be nice.
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Historical Weather Forecasts

Does anybody know if there is a place I can find historical data of weather forecasts by forecaster? I'm mainly interested in forecasts of high temperature and low temperature, but precipitation ...
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How does one parse weather data?

Weather data is often cited as a "huge success" for the open data community. Where does this data sit, and how does one parse the data into something readable, like the 5 day forecast?
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How might I go about visualising historical temperature CSV data?

I've downloaded the Central England Temperature Data available from Met Office Hadley Centre. On their summary page, it is described thus (emphasis mine): These daily and monthly temperatures are ...
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Open alternative to

Does anyone know of an open alternative to weatherbase? I'm looking for what's listed here as "Average Temperature". I'm looking for monthly averages for a city, hopefully for as many cities as ...
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Is there any free weather database that one could use for correlations in business intelligence software?

I would like to see how big is the correlation between weather and visits to our website, but I can't seem to find any database that has option of downloading chosen datasets. Any ideas? To be ...
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1945 (spring) daily weather Germany

Perhaps understandably, I am having difficulty tracking down daily weather data for Germany in early 1945. My specific interest is in daily temps and any other daily weather observations for January ...
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Historical weather forecast API

For a college project I need historical weather forecasts for Europe up to 14 days for 2015 and 2016. The last two days I was desperately searching for APIs with such data, but usually there is just ...
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Weather radar data for Europe, especially Latvia

I would like to ask if there is a homepage where I can get weather radar data for Europe territory for free. I have looked in the internet, but can't find them. I will be very glad if someone can help ...
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What data source for cloud coverage available with forecast and how to parse it?

I need to find good and reliable data source of cloud coverage (to use GIS) with forecast for few days and be able to parse it. Do you know good one? I know that NOAA provides weather data, but ...
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