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Downloadable archive of weather conditions for Europe?

Is there a downloadable archive of weather conditions in Europe? Also, the temperature, humidity, precipitation by location? So the database would enable, for example, to draw the chart with ...
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Database with monthly climate/weather data by country

I am searching for an online database for climate data (especially temperature) for non-European countries on a monthly basis. 1990-2014 would be nice.
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Historical weather data

I want to get historical weather data (Winter 2014) of temperature, humidity, air-pressure, wind_speed, wind direction, rain in specific latitude/longitude. Is there any API that I can use to get ...
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How does one parse weather data?

Weather data is often cited as a "huge success" for the open data community. Where does this data sit, and how does one parse the data into something readable, like the 5 day forecast?
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Historical weather forecast compared to actual weather?

I am searching for a resource showing historical weather forecasts compared to actual weather data. I'm mainly interested in seeing how accurate various forecast services have been in the past, when ...
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Is there any free weather database that one could use for correlations in business intelligence software?

I would like to see how big is the correlation between weather and visits to our website, but I can't seem to find any database that has option of downloading chosen datasets. Any ideas? To be ...
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Where to get historical weather forecast? [duplicate]

With weather being quite often an important external data. I'm trying to find where could I get historical weather forecast. (I am not interested in where to get past weather)
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Historical USA weather forecasts

I'm looking for a historical USA (specifically Chicago, IL) weather forecast dataset. Temperature forecasts would suffice, though the more data, the merrier. I know this has been asked a lot of times ...
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Looking for historical weather forecasts

I am looking to write a report about the accuracy of weather forecasts. I have already found several source that provides data for actual weather in different locations, but I am having difficulty ...
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Does anybody know how to retrieve historical forecasted weather data? I am looking for forecasted data, not actual data

Most websites only provides historical actual weather data (e.g. the observed temperature on March 5 2015 was ...). I am specifically looking for forecasted weather data (e.g. the forecasted ...
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