I'm looking for two KMZ files that I can import into Google Earth:

  1. which will show me the parcel outlines
  2. will give me local snow load information

I need this information for a few counties in Northern California only.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

  • I think this should be researched/asked as two separate questions.
    – PolyGeo
    Nov 2, 2016 at 2:26

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Some work is going to have to be put in here, but this should be what you seek:

Snow Load Information

Ground Snow Load by Location

Alot (if not all) of California's Snow Load Information should be accessible on each county's website/portal/etc.
Here is El Dorado County's Snow Load Information
Or you can contact California County Building Officials (list of contacts)

Miscellaneous California Snow/Snow Load Resources

Snow - California Data Exchange Center
National Snow Load Information

Parcels Data

These resources are not KML/KMZ, but there are a number of resources that can be utilized for conversion.
California Parcels data (shapefiles)
Open Addresses - Not Parcels data, but they do have a side project collecting Parcels data. If the data you seek is proving to be extremely hard to find, contacting the group could be very helpful.

Tools for Converting to KML/KMZ

GDAL is the end all tool for this, however it is not the most friendliest if you are uncomfortable with code/command line.
MapShaper is web based and easy for all users. You can upload shapefiles here and download them as GeoJSON.
GeoJSON.io also web based, also super easy for all; you can the upload the GeoJSON files here, and convert/download them as KML/KMZ.

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