Does there exist a dataset containing information (historical or current) on the following characteristics of Japanese companies?

  1. Industries (e.g. "electronics").
  2. Headquarter addresses (e.g. "3-23-14 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, 170-0013"). Latitudes/longitudes would be even better.

The dataset maintained by Aswath Damadaran at Stern seems extensive, but it only includes per-company industries, not HQ addresses.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company search seemed promising, but as far as I can tell, although they provide per-company industries, their provided HQ addresses only specify the city, not the full address.


You can look into opencorporates. They provide a nice api to download data. Recently they have added database of 4.4 million japan companies.

Search for SoftBank gives

Company Number   3010401116655
Status   Active
Company Type   Stock Company (株式会社)
Jurisdiction Japan
Registered Address  東新橋1丁目9番1号

Registry Page        http://www.houjin-bangou.nta.go.jp/he...

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