Today you can find all sorts of data in an open format. Most financial data, polling and government databases, just about every baseball play ever played.

However this open data paradigm hasn't reached across the rest of the sporting world. Getting NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA data remains quite difficult and legally confusing. This is making it difficult to create an open data science interest in professional sports data.

Does anyone know about any projects that are working on making this kind of data easily accessible via API or other database forma?


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Check out data.world - a social network for data people, that are building the world’s most collaborative, abundant, and meaningful data resource.
Below are some example sports-related datasets, and you can search the platform by keyword to find other related data. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can create a dataset page and add a 'contributors-wanted' tag to let other users know you're looking for that data and would like to collaborate.

Example Datasets:
1976-2015 NBA Draft Data

Lahmans Baseball Database

Search data.world for Keyword "Sports"


There's a bunch more sports data sets constantly being added to listen on this page at Sports-Statistics.com, including Fifa datasets, soccer datasets and APIs, cricket, baseball, f1 etc.

aside from that, i have been playing with the NBASense API to extract box scores and stats from NBA websites.


If you are interested in Golf, you can find lots of data about the European Golf Tour here: http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/stats/season=2016/categoryid=1/index.html


Maybe you could be interested in our API Restful service released in Open Data.

For all info go on Sports Open Data

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