Any open data sources containing collections of criminal news stories across a wide variety of newspapers?

I know there are a lot of newspaper archives but I can't seem to find any that allow you to sort by 'crime' articles. (I'm interested in contemporary stories, last 10-20 years, but more recent the better. )

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Here are some resources for searching across newspaper archival records for "crime stories", as well as some non-open (noopen) data solutions, and some references. resources, and thoughts:

Open Data

Some databases are newspapers - Enoch Pratt Free Library
Baltimore Sun Archive - 1837-Current (1837-1988 Article Image Search, 1989-Current Article Text Search)
Search Results for "Crime" 75361 Results - Baltimore Sun Archive 1837-1988
Archive for 'Rediscovered Crime News' - HistoricalCrimeDetective.com
The St. Louis Evening Whirl - An Uninterrupted Crime-Fighting Publication Since 1938
Indianapolis Newspapers Database, 1848-1991
69 Pages. Total number of records = 1021
New Jersey Newspaper Archives - Free and Paid
List of Online Newspaper Archives - Wikipedia
Culture Crime - A database of antiquities and art crime
Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790-1920
Unthinkable Crimes - Archival and Library Resources

Not Open Data Solutions

The British Newspaper Archive and the The Sacramento Bee's Archive Search - Search The Bee's Archive, 1984 to present (fee-based) offer extensive archives that are locked up behind paywalls:
Britisih Newspaper Archive Search Results for 'Crime'
Archive Search Results - Searched for: '(crime) AND date(all)'. (Showing 25 of 40365 articles)
Michigan Newspaper Archives - Pay to Search Many Different Paper Archives
The Dallas Morning News Archive
Searched for: crime AND date(all) Returned: 20 displays of 76425 matches.
San Jose Mercury News Archives
1423 articles matching "allfields(crime) AND date(1985)" were found in San Jose Mercury News Archives


How to use the Baltimore Sun Archives and the library to search for old murder cases (and other stuff)
Use the Local Memory Project to find a more diverse array of Periodicals

Many newspapers run their own crime/crime reports database in house; I'm assuming that blurb copy doesn't count as a "news story", but these can be useful for tracking down new sources and leads, and cross-referencing, to say the least. Here are a few:
Gotcha! Crime News From Central Virginia - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Virginia Beach Crime - The Virginian Pilot
Crime Incident Information Center - Richmond Police Department
Crime - The State
Crime/Courts - Canton Rep
Crime - Indy Star
Crime - News Press
Police Reports - Syracuse
Crime/Courts Database - The Review

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