I wonder if there are some up-to-date web sites with data for S-bahn, U-bahn and other means of traffics in German cities. I found some before but not sure if they are updated regularly. Later I will add some links for those but others are welcomed to do so as well.

p.s. My main interest in Baden-Würtemberg / Stuttgart area but others are welcome to contribute will available infos...

  • It's not open data but someone collected API endpoints for a list of public transport data here.
    – Suzana
    Jan 11, 2016 at 15:44

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Again, OpenStreetMap to the rescue: it has a whole tag scheme related to public transport services. Pointers:

  • ÖPNVKarte (German, real domain [öpnvkarte.de] contains an umlaut, openbusmap.org is just a proxy domain) has a nice rendered world map, showing airport, train stations, rails, buses, subways, trams, ... worldwide (with varying degrees of coverage, of course). The corresponding page on OSM Wiki gives background information.
  • More general, the article Public transport on OSM Wiki lists all important tags for extracting relevant data from a data dump.

Some information on public transportation in Berlin


Recently (Nov. 2015), the Deutsche Bahn AG released some data on its infrastructure:



If you search for timetable Data, you can find a collection of Datasources here: https://github.com/highsource/verbundkarte This list contains Links to downloadable timetable data (not APIs) from german transport companies. Also inofficial sources are listed.

You can also find worldwide GTFS datasets on https://transitfeeds.com/

If you only interested in the coordinates of the stops you can find a list of scripts to extract the stop-data on https://github.com/public-transport/european-transport-modules – including a script for VVS

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