answers.semanticweb.com was a QA website a bit similar to here.
There were a lot of great questions and answers about SPARQL and related technologies.

The website got sold two times, and since a few weeks, it has been down.
QUESTION: Is there a place where I can download a dump of the questions and answers?

The content had been made CC-BY-SA 3.0:

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    Great point. However, I think this question belong to the meta forum.
    – magdmartin
    Sep 22, 2016 at 3:35
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    @magdmartin: This is an open data request, so on-topic here I believe :-) Anyway I agree a meta question is mandated too, so I just wrote it: meta.opendata.stackexchange.com/questions/358/…
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Sep 23, 2016 at 2:51
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    Parse the latest 13 Feb 2016 snapshot at the WaybackMachine? Even the link to the 185th (last) page works, bringing us back to 27 Oct 2009. The RSS link there does not do much (limited to 30 items)
    – user4293
    Sep 26, 2016 at 13:10
  • anyone gotten started on this?
    – albert
    Oct 11, 2016 at 1:34
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    @SeDav Any update on this?
    – philshem
    Jan 4, 2018 at 20:43

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There is a dump available from the wayback machine, and user SeDav has written and made available a ...

A script, that transforms questions from answers.semanticweb.com to a JSON file for possible migration


In order to download a copy of the site from the wayback machine you can use the ruby program wayback-machine-downloader (https://github.com/hartator/wayback-machine-downloader).

here's the information from the meta post - https://opendata.meta.stackexchange.com/a/366/1511

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