I'm looking for a simple site that offers daily high & low temperature averages for a given city. For example, I'd like to get the average high & low temperatures by day for Cabo San Lucas from Oct 1 through Apr 30.

Ideally, it would be via a simple HTTP GET request, like: GET http://somewhere?city=Cabo+San+Lucas&start=0110&end=3004 and return data in JSON or CSV format, like date,hi,lo 0110,83,74 0210,83,73 0310,82,73 ... 3112,78,67 0101,78,67 0102,77,66 ... 2904,80,72 3004,80,72 It wouldn't matter which units are given (my example is in degrees Farenheit, but any unit would do). It would be very similar to http://www.melissadata.com/lookups/ZipWeather.asp, except that it should support international cities and not require postal code. Ambiguous city names should result in a 400 or similar.

Anyone know of such a site?


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