I am looking for a data set that includes World Cup winners, the host country, runners up, etc. I have the winners currently, but would like to see more information. Scores and such for each would also be a bonus!


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There is a dataset hosted here: https://www.datazar.com/file/f89abbe09-f107-4ea6-855e-86a9ea9e598f that includes winners, runners up, host country and additional notes for every year the World Cup was played.

In a separate dataset here: https://www.datazar.com/file/fdd9b39bb-1a23-4df2-8a3e-d0dba6a3c9fd there is information about scores, attendance and other additional information about each year. I hope this is helpful :)

Full Disclosure: I work at Datazar (A collaborative open data Library) where this project is hosted

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