I am looking for a shapefile (readable e.g. in QGIS) which only contains the Great Britain boundaries. In other words, I only need the island/s boundaries.

I have already checked and downloaded the 'Boundary-Line-GB' from OS Open Data (https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/opendatadownload/products.html) but the shapefile has been showing also the GB regions' boundaries (which I don't need).

Any suggestion on where I can download it for free?

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I don't know if you already have seen these weblinks that may have what you are looking for.





Both the Strategi and Meridian OS Open Data sets contain a coastline layer.


I found it here: https://census.edina.ac.uk/easy_download.html

Just click on InFuse Great Britain, 2011 and select the shapefile format.

Direct link for download: https://census.edina.ac.uk/ukborders/easy_download/prebuilt/shape/infuse_gb_2011.zip

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