Does anyone know please: Is there a reliable, "official" list of postal codes and cities (additional data like lat/long welcome) in Germany, available for download? At a minimum, I'm looking for the PLZ (5 digit zip code) and city/location name.

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try this one for postal codes: http://www.suche-postleitzahl.org/downloads?download=plz-gebiete.shp.zip Concerning the cities, I would prefer Geofabrik: http://download.geofabrik.de/europe.html

Please note that PLZ-geodata is the property of Deutsche Post, changing every year its geometries (but only little parts of it) and selling it at a price - so you cannot be sure downloading "canoninal" geodata.



Another resource: http://www.manfrin-it.com/postleitzahlen/plz.html

[DE] Wir haben die Postleitzahlen mit Orts-, Kreis- und Länderzuordnung per SQL OpenGeoDB ausgelesen und stellen diese in den Formaten für Excel und FileMaker sowie als Text-Datei zum Download bereit.

[EN] We select the postcodes with local, district and country specification from SQL OpenGeoDB and provide these in formats for Excel and FileMaker, as well as a text file to download.

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