A wonderful resource that earlier used to exist for researching global Internet speed and quality was Ookla's NetIndex. Ookla has discontinued public download, I believe since 2015. Does anyone have a dump of the last publicly available source data?

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The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive has many snapshots of netindex.com

After a quick check, one of the latest snapshots with a still-active bulk download seems to be from late 2014 or 2013



Unfortunately, it seems there is no quick-fix because the downloads weren't archived. In the source code, you can see one page


that has a link to the Google Public Data site, but no luck

A monthly-aggregated dataset is still hosted on datamarket, I made a csv export and it's hosted on pastebin (sorry for the horrible pivot)

enter image description here

  • Hi philshem... Actually, archive.org did archive the zipped data folders, but you can't download them with a browser. I checked the page source and managed to download using aria2c. The strange things is all the archived data, regardless of date, are from one particular date (2011, I can't remember the dd/mm). Thanks for the datamarket pointer. But it too seems to be commercial, not?
    – user3671
    Jun 20, 2016 at 13:38

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