I am looking for a data set that contains factoid question-answer pairs based on tables.


  • Table: enter image description here
  • Question: what is the capital of Egypt?
  • Answer: Cairo

Tables could be HTML, PDF or latex. I am most interested in table-question-answer written in English.

  • Kaggle held competitions for answering questions given multiple choices. The domain was mostly science, chemistry, biology and the like. You could take their data and simply use the question + the correct answer. Jul 7, 2016 at 12:01

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AI2 TabMCQ: Multiple Choice Questions aligned with the Aristo Tablestore :

AI2 & Carnegie Mellon University (Sujay Kumar Jauhar) This package contains a copy of the Aristo Tablestore (Nov. 2015 Snapshot), plus a large set of crowd-sourced multiple-choice questions covering the facts in the tables. Through the setup of the crowd-sourced annotation task, the package also contains implicit alignment information between questions and tables. For further information, see "TabMCQ: A Dataset of General Knowledge Tables and Multiple-choice Questions" (PDF included in this package).

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