"Data: A Collection of Problems from Many Fields for the Student and Research Worker" by Andrews and Herzberg : https://www.amazon.com/Data-Collection-Problems-Research-Statistics/dp/0387961259/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1465372463&sr=1-1&keywords=DATA+andrews+Herzberg is a book with data and descriptions for teaching and learning statistics and data analysis. The datasets from the book used to be on the internet, but now I cannot find them!

Specifically, they used to be on statlib, but now that seems inaccessible too! Anybody knows where that data collection can be found now?

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The StatLib web site seems to be available again, but oddly, not all datasets from Andrews and Herzberg can be retrieved (20 out of 100 are missing).

There is also a copy at Duke, with all datasets.


I found it finally, the main statlib site seems to be down but there is a mirror at ftp://ftp.uni-bayreuth.de/pub/math/statlib/oldindex.html and the Andrews and Herzberg data can be fount at ftp://ftp.uni-bayreuth.de/pub/math/statlib/datasets/Andrews/

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