I am trying to find an old version of the Social Security Master Death file. Specifically, one that has a county or residence zip code. The only public source for the full file that seems to continuously pop up is this: http://ssdmf.info/download.html

Unfortunately, it does not have the geographic information that I require as it is too recent.

I have tried to scrape some of the websites that list the geographic information. However, the process is very lengthy. Furthermore, their location search filters do not always function well. Recently, I tried to find the number of deaths in a given county for certain years. While some results made sense, others were way off of what they could realistically be.

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated!

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mortality multiple cause files?


accessible via

http://wonder.cdc.gov/cmf-ICD10.html or http://www.asdfree.com/search/label/national%20vital%20statistics%20system%20%28nvss%29

  • Hey, thanks, but I specifically need Social Security data as I want to compare the differences between it and CDC at the county level!
    – NikolaiB
    Jun 3, 2016 at 20:45

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