Where can I get metrics data on one retail store, for 3 - 4 years time? I need data such as sales per day, conversion, number of transactions, number of units, etc. Granular data per hour or per sales person, even better. Conversion/traffic is an absolute must. It could be data for one store, but data on multiple stores, same company, even better. I can use an API or scrape if needed.

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It's not likely that this data set would be open, but you can use pseudo-data, for example the Superstore example from Tableau (there is an downloadable Excel file in the page).

enter image description here

If you're flexible with the data-request, then I would suggest thinking of "retail-like" stores that may satisfy your need. For example, would a national park or museum work? For public or government entities, it's easier to find open data.

  • This is a great suggestion, thanks. Maybe they will have data on their gift shops. I think I do need real data, I am not sure pseudo will do...
    – ALisboa
    May 25, 2016 at 23:22

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