The US federal government publishes contracts on USASpending.gov and RFPs on FBO.gov.

Contracts contain extensive description of the vendor. But I haven't find the similarly detailed data on RFP results. Namely, for competitive purchases (like those on FBO.gov):

  • DUNS number of each bidder
  • Region, revenue, and number of employees of the bidder
  • Price offered by the bidder
  • Status (minority-, woman-, veteran-owned)

FBO.gov requires a login to view the list of interested vendors (eg this RFP). But it does not seem machine-readable anyway.

I haven't found it on Data.gov either.

Is this information available or bidding data is closed?

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    Pretty sure this is not usually made public but I have heard of success FOIA'ing for specific opportunities that were competitively bid. Commented May 15, 2016 at 17:39


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