For a school project I am making an analytical engine for a spirometry platform (pulmanary function test, measuring lung function). The idea is that measurements made with our spirometer infrastructure automatically get uploaded to a database, where meaningful statistical operations can be conducted.

As we don't have a deployed physical product yet, we also don't have a data set. Nonetheless, I would like to have a representative (not necessarily big) set of data across ages, sexes, ethnicities... This will allow us do perform demonstrations and perform tests of how the analytics and visualisations work on real-world data.

Specifically, I'm looking for a data set that has per entry (person):

  • FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) - Critical
  • FEV (Forced Expiratory Volume) - Critical
  • Age - Very important
  • Sex - Very important
  • Ethnicity / length / other factors - Very welcome but not required
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