I am looking for a dataset containing information regarding patents owned by academic institutions with as many following fields as possible:

  • name of the academic institution
  • number of patents
  • amount of revenue from patents

Ideally, broken down by field ( e.g., biology, or computer science ) and year.

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This is a somewhat difficult request because each of these parameters must be derived from government data. Even number of patents is difficult b/c the names of patent owners vary widely because of spelling variation/errors. Also the definition of "academic institution" is somewhat ambiguous. Amount of revenue from patents is also not something the government tracks and may be untrackable.

All that being said, http://www.patentsview.org/web/ has free access to somewhat out dated patent data via API for free. If you want up to date data you could use a service like IP Street.

Full disclosure, I am the head of product at IP Street so I deal with questions like this a lot. Reach out if you are interested in getting access. It's free to academic


Another potential source would be The NBER U.S. Patent Citations Data File (original data from NBER Site and updated data). As mentioned in the previous answer, the name of the patent holder is present but one would have to manually match this field to a list of academic institutions. The only desired variable not present is a measure of revenue generated from the patent. I'm not familiar with the standard in patent valuation methods so I'd imagine there are several alternatives.

Data Citation:

Hall, B. H., A. B. Jaffe, and M. Trajtenberg (2001). "The NBER Patent Citation Data File: Lessons, Insights and Methodological Tools." NBER Working Paper 8498.

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