I am looking for data of text and their corresponding phonemes for the purpose of training a classification tree and a neural network.

Example: cat = k-a-t or something similar

I am looking for at least a few hundred words. If you have anything that will point me in the right direction, please do tell.

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#1 - For phonological equivalents of English words check out the Irvine Phonotactic Online Dictionary (IPhOD) which is a collection of English words and non-words primarily intended for work in psycholinguistics and speech perception. You can download the entire database and see phonological entries like the following: enter image description here A corresponding table shows correspondence with the IPA: enter image description here

#2 - Another possibility is the MRC Psycholnguistics database, a searchable repository of words with accompanying properties of interest to psycholinguists: frequency, syntactic category, age of acquisition, pronunciation variability, etc.

enter image description here

Results are returned in text format with the accompanying features:

enter image description here

#3 - Another possibility is the USENET Orthographic Frequencies for 111,627 English Words - this data set is comprised of nearly 8 billion English-language tokens extracted from USENET 2005-2006. It includes the usual psycholinuistic suspects including a phonological translation.

enter image description here

#4 - The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary, which is open-source and machine-readable, contains over 134,000 words and their pronunciation is North American English. Their phoneme set has 39 phonemes, not counting variation due to lexical stress.

enter image description here

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