When it comes to tracking the popularity and distribution of human names over time, Wolfram Alpha seems to be the place to go. But where to find this info for pets?

In 2008, the LA Times put together an interesting project on this topic called "L.A.'s Top Dogs." But the authors note:

There is no centralized list of dog registrations for Los Angeles County. More than a dozen agencies perform the service at the local level. While we made an effort to collect records from as many areas as possible, a few fell through the cracks.

Is there a more complete and up-to-date database for pet names available?


You'll have to go agency by agency. Dog licensing is a local government function. Some cities with open data have released license data, here's an example for NYC.

If they don't have it online already, most animal control departments should be able to provide their data with either a phone call or (if necessary) a FOIA request, although it may not necessarily be in electronic form.

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