Is there a global database available for groundwater basins (Aquifers), similar to gdbd for surface water?


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I don't believe these are 100% on target, but they look pretty promising.

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World (Data Basin Dataset)

Food and Agriculture Organization's AQUASTAT database

I can't post more than two links yet, but the USGS has a pretty solid database for all bodies of water in the United States, so make sure to check them out for US based data, at least.


Global Water Forum lists a number of water related tools and resources, including datasets. A couple of these may be of use to you:

One in particular, the GGIS (Global Groundwater Information System):

USGS Surfacewater Portal also has a number of tools and resources that you may find beneficial:

NASA's GRACE Groundwater combines two major databases, again should also be very relevant here:

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