I look for a graph-based stats of the US railroad waybills. That is, the freight transported over a particular railway over a year.

So far I found:

  1. National Atlas 2015 - The railroad graph (network) as a shape file that can be imported in Python's networkx and other SNA software.
  2. Surface Transportation Board's Public Waybill Sample - A sample of a sample of the official stats collected from large railroad companies.
  3. Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Various stats for free. For example, the cross-border freight.
  4. Association of American Railroads Online Catalog - Various stats, but non-members must pay.
  5. Regional railroad networks (state, etc.)

A map based on STB's Sample:

enter image description here

The Waybill Sample is close to what I need, but I didn't find how to read their space-separated stats (no headers, codebook, or dictionary file).

So have you seen the freight stats that could be converted to a connected graph with edges like (station 1, station 2, freight)?

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Have you checked this out this website by ESRI ?


They have railroad data on that site.

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