I am looking for a data set listing the cost of speeding tickets, with as many following fields as possible:

  • Area (e.g., country)
  • Speed over the limit
  • Cost of ticket
  • Indirect costs (E.g., insurance raise, or driving school lessons)
  • Consequences other than financial ones (e.g., jail time, or loss of drive license points)
  • Year (since data may change over the years)

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Montgomery County, Maryland has this on data.gov, here's the headers:

Date Of Stop,Time Of Stop,Agency,SubAgency,Description,Location,
Latitude,Longitude,Accident,Belts,Personal Injury,
Property Damage,Fatal,Commercial License,HAZMAT,Commercial Vehicle,Alcohol,
Work Zone,State,VehicleType,Year,Make,Model,Color,
Violation Type,Charge,Article,Contributed To Accident,
Race,Gender,Driver City,Driver State,DL State,Arrest Type,Geolocation  


New Jersey has traffic violations data, but you're going to have to pull out the speeding citations, also I didn't cross-reference required headers:

Los Angeles' Open Data portal offers similar sets that you can pick through:

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