I downloaded the adverse events quarterly data files from the FEARS website and I merged and cleaned them to use them in my next analytics pipeline. I was asked if I can download all the drug adverse events with demographic information (sex, age,..), drug name, indication for use, reactions, outcome, etc directly from the openFDA API. Is that possible?


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There is limited demographic data in the adverse event records, but the ones that you asked for are on the patient record:

patient: { "patientonsetage": "59", "patientonsetageunit": "801", "patientsex": "2", "patientweight": "78", "patientdeath": { "patientdeathdate": "20030401", "patientdeathdateformat": "102" }, "drug": [...], "reaction": [...], }

Most of the reference information can be found here (we are currently refactoring the website, so there will be a few new references on some fields that were recently added).

Hope that helps.

  • Thank you Hans Nelsen. So, can I download all the drug adverse events data, with all columns, as zipped JSON data? I want to download everything available on the openFDA drug adverse events database. I want to use it for machine learning analytics and I want all variables and all observations. Commented Mar 25, 2016 at 19:29

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