I am looking for the breakdown of the 2016 presidential primary results on the state or lower level by absentee, early, and in-person voting. I've found a few resources that have aggregated primary results, but none of these seem to touch on early or absentee voting:

  • the US election atlas. There are a few paid data sources on the website, but none of them mention anything about absentee/early voting in their descriptions.
  • openelections. They don't seem to have aggregated 2016 data yet, and again, no mention of absentee/early voting.

I've also looked at a few previous results ((1), (2)) that suggest that it's hard to find a centralized source for any of this information. I'm just surprised that I haven't been able to find absentee vs. early vs. in-person information for any state. Is this required information for a state to report? Should I be looking elsewhere on their sites? Has anyone (fingers crossed) aggregated this yet?

Edit: It looks like TargetSmart offers this commercially in their VoterBase (found via this article).


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