I am looking for some website/tool that can allow me to generate names, some random id for certain number of people at once. I came across some websites but they only do one at a time and there was no easy way to download those. I am looking to generate for about 10K names and ids (other details will be more than welcome). Is anyone familiar with any such tool that can allow me to generate names and unique ids?


There are also libraries for Python, php, and Perl.

For the Python Faker library, you would do something along the lines of

from faker import Faker
fake = Faker()

for _ in range(0,10000):
    print( '{} - {}'.format( fake.uuid4(), fake.name() ) )

You can localize the name generator and you can also seed it for reproducible generations.


You can write a small Ruby script using the "Faker" gem.


You can generate that data here. Also it has some other types of random data such as: email, gps data, IBAN...

  • Thanks for the pointer. Feel free to expand more on the description and answer. – Jeanne Holm Mar 17 '16 at 6:06

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