I am looking for a data set containing vaccination success rates with as many following fields as possible:

  • percentage of patients who received the vaccination but are not immune to the medical condition they have been vaccinated against;
  • percentage of patients with strongly negative reaction to the vaccination;
  • year
  • patient demographics

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Similar to your other question, the WHO data sets may cover this question


In particular

  1. Disease incidence: data usually represent only a fraction of the cases, but are useful to monitor trends.

3.1 Reported incidence time series is available in html and in excel

3.2 Polio case count data

3.3 Monthly measles surveillance data

  1. Immunization coverage

4.1 Official country reported coverage estimates time series are available in html and in excel

4.2 Download Country reported administrative data time series in excel

4.3 WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) are available in html and in excel. Also see the the country summaries (in pdf), content of PDF in excel and the method.

4.4 Coverage Survey Data in excel

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