Just a wonder I had, does somebody know an API which with we can retrieve soft free-to-use erotic photos and pictures ?

I have seen a lot of APIs and datasets, but never heard of this kind.

Looking for answers !

Kind regards,



Not specifically a soft erotic API, but you can use flickr and I'm going to assume tumblr, to get what you are asking for.
flickr's API is incredibly stable, you'll just have to filter out what is/is not soft erotic. under the erotic tag in flickr, you'll get mixed results; heads up, some may be NSFW:
I'm assuming tumblr because it has similar content as well as a stable API, however I'm not very familiar with it. Although I've seen quite an uptick in porn there lately, so if you do use tumblr you may have to double down on your filter(s).

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    Well, thanks ! It is really helping, I'll probably work with both flickr and tumblr APIS. Have a good day ! – Antoine Auffray Mar 8 '16 at 14:43

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