This might be a lost cause, but been searching for a couple of days now.

I'm looking for a way to track an item of food from it's origin to the supermarket. I have the EMB code for an item, e.g. UK 1715 EC

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • Have you reached out to the uk.openfoodfacts.org folks? – Mark Silverberg Feb 19 '16 at 15:38
  • I had a look at the site but reach out as well, thanks – Ollie Feb 19 '16 at 16:47
  • Please could you expand the EMB acronym? – tomp Feb 19 '16 at 16:52
  • The first word is European, but not sure after that I'm afraid. It appears only OpenFoodFacts uses it. However I have come across this: food.gov.uk/enforcement/approved-premises-official-controls/… on the food.gov.uk website. It's a link to a bunch of spreadsheets that contain processing establishments each owning one of these 'EMB' numbers. Which means as long as an item has one of those codes, I can find where it was packaged. Other than that I think it's a bit of a long shot. – Ollie Feb 19 '16 at 17:22

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